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    Bruno Mars Trippin Out Lyrics

    Bruno Mars Trippin Out Lyrics I’m trippin’ out I’m trippin out We met in a crowded place Expression on her face The look in her eyes says she wanted me So I played it cool But inside I knew If I made my move Then hand it for, she’s seconds away Me and you touching, dancing the night away I’m not the one, I’m not the type Feelings of passion taking my breath away I wanna love you girl Only you control my mind [Chorus] Tripping out I’m tripping out Got me thinking ’bout your love, your love I’m tripping out I’m tripping out Got me thinking ’bout your love Got me thinking ’bout your love your love Time was standing still A destiny fulfilled Just watching her body movement all night long Then she took my hand, insta
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    Bruno Mars All I Need Lyrics

    All I Need Lyrics Bruno Mars (Ft. Master Shortie) [Chorus:] Sugar, coco and honey Hey y’all Bruno Mars That’s why you taste like to me And all I need is to sex to wash it down Ooh come here girl right now I’m a British boy so I do British things Like nibble on your earlobe but let your body sing You’re my violin and I’m a string With every breath you take I won’t let it sting So let me in open your doors What yours is mine, what mine is yours Where’s your p-ssy give me your paws And I won’t mind if it’s you going through my drawers Keep it clean ’cause we’re gettin in a mess Baby girl yeah you’re better in the flesh I heard from your friends that I’m better than your ex And if I’m real then I’m


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