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    Eric Benet Redbone Girl Lyrics

    Redbone Girl Lyrics Eric Benet Young Weezy We and Eric B, aha And I love all women (if you know what I mean) Yyes lord, I love them dark, I love them light Short, tall, thick, thin and back one more again (alright) But theres this one particular situation I need to tell you all about [Eric Benet] I met a honey about a week ago I got a little but I need some more I aint the only one to learn her curves Matter of fact, forget what you heard Shes all, shes all that and more, oh yeah Yes she is Her reputation aint squeaky clean A little gossip aint phasing me So go ahead say what you want You can give a damn, but I dont Cause Im gone, Im already gone Yes I am Dont you know shes [Chorus] Shes my, redbone girl A bitter sweet, but shes my world Coffee cream, thick and lean My redbone girl, r


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