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    Jay Sean I'm All Yours Lyrics

    Jay Sean Lyrics Im All Yours [Jay Sean] I’m all yours tonight Got a feeling that I cant deny Everything about gets me high Girl I want this for the rest of my life Im all yours [Pitbull] Success is here, and she don’t play I’m ready for her though, throw her my way Heart torn, and I doubt you can save it It’s okay, it’s been like that since I was a baby Thoughts deep, scuba My mind is free, opposite of Cuba Take me for my money or my fame Papa don’t try, see right through ya Four lawsuits, one year Two down, two to go, Fame, expensive year Good thing, I know I was built for the war I was built to be all yours Abuelita’s a rebel, my mothers a fighter D is a g, and my sister’s a rider [Jay Sean] I’m all yours tonight Got a feeling


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