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    Nipsey Hussle Proud Of That Lyrics

    Nipsey Hussle Proud Of That Lyrics [Intro] No punch, I just mean we working hard (Maybach Music) [Chorus: Nipsey Hussle] Look, night time with my Locs on 600 Hundred Benz with them fo’s on Been through everything but I rode And I never quit or take no loss And I’m proud of that [Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle] Back to the wall I was so stoned Self-made nigga I was solo Hot up in the kitchen, I was so stove A nigga couldn’t tell me nothing, I was so broke I had AR’s fo’ fo’s, Alpina’s on low pros Brought K’s wid us and got faze nigga And I used to get good grades nigga! Momma paid the bills but couldnt save nigga So we couldnt ask for no J’s nigga See, that’s the type of shit change niggas Now from the street, you couldn’t save
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    Nipsey Hussle Girl Scout Cookies Lyrics

    Nipsey Hussle Girl Scout Cookies Lyrics (Ft. Blanco) [Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle] I’m just a nigga tryna see my cheese But Gucci low set the bottom of my PRP So when I step, the bitches be like who is he? I be like Nipsey Hussle baby move with me Now I could, show you some things that you don’t usually see We can overlook the city from the sunset suite Or we can flow in the Pacific off the roof they keep Motion sickness from the wave give the … beat I ask more, yes yo, Nipsey is the best yo In front of the building with a house on my neck Yo, yes yo, push block money to the limit Be in the spot tell them cops kicked off the edges Get off my biscuits, all about that quick flick Anything I put in in, I get it back with interest I take care of my business, … I am this


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